I went to see ricky lovell after the birth of my first child having had an emergency c section. This was on recommendation from my sister who also received treatment from Ricky and on discussing with him how she had become an auntie he explained the benefits of treatment after a c section.

I booked in to see Ricky approximately 12 weeks after my section as this is deemed to be an appropriate recovery time. Ricky was the ultimate professional and explained that by working on the scar meant it would eradicate the nasty scar tissue that can build up and also give me better movement, he also worked on my back that was stiff from over me compensating to reduce the stress on my stomach and gave me exercises to strengthen my abdominals. I was advised to only do gentle exercise in the form of walking, swimming or cycling for the first 6 months to allow my abdominal muscles to heal.

My recovery was fantastic and every health care professional who has seen me since has commented on how neat my scar is with no raised scar tissue this is due to the excellent treatment I received from Ricky. Plus my ability to get back into my fitness was a far easier journey due to the exercises I was given. Ricky is an outstanding Physio and I would highly recommend him.

Mandy Thompson

thanking you for relieving me from considerable discomfort

Peter Heath

The facilities were excellent and I would gladly recommend you and the team.

Yvonne Ward