Lower back exercises for back pain

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Lower back pain isn’t something that will go away on its own.

There are, however, a series of exercise routines you can do to reduce the pain, including soreness, tension, and stiffness.

The following exercises are designed to help stretch, strengthen and mobilise the lower back.

When you are starting out, begin gently to get used to the movements and work out how far you can go into each position without experiencing any pain.

Try to do the below routine at least once a day, if the pain allows. You can complement this routine with additional activities such as cycling, walking and water-based activities.

Be sure to speak to a physiotherapist before starting these exercises!

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Post-operative physiotherapy

The main aim of post-operative physiotherapy is to assist the individual’s return to normal activities following their surgery.

After surgery, patients will be seen by a physiotherapist to establish their rehabilitation goals. Routine post-operative physiotherapy intervention comprises of breathing exercises, circulatory exercises, and early mobilisation to prevent complications.

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Physiotherapy for leg weakness during pregnancy

It is possible that women may suffer from leg weakness during their lives, however, it often plagues women during pregnancy.

Leg weakness is often a result of both the additional weight of the foetus and pressure of the uterus on the nerves in the back.

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The Role of an Occupational Physiotherapist

There are many misconceptions about the relationship between Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physiotherapy (PT).

It is commonly thought that the two are synonymous, however, there are significant differences between the professions.

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Common Football Injuries and How to Treat Them

As football combines speed, agility, power and strength, therefore requiring fast movements and changes in direction in addition to avoiding contact with other players in a fast-paced environment, and because of this, the risk of injury is fairly high.

Below, Achieve Physiotherapy are listing some of the most common football injuries and how they can be treated.

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What Does a Physiotherapist Do?

Physiotherapists will utilise their knowledge and skills to assess the needs of an individual patient and improve a broad range of physical problems associated with various systems of the body.

The systems that can be treated are neuromuscular (brains and nervous system), musculoskeletal (soft tissues, joints and bones), and cardiovascular and respiratory systems (heart and lungs and associated physiology).

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