Physiotherapy for leg weakness during pregnancy

It is possible that women may suffer from leg weakness during their lives, however, it often plagues women during pregnancy.

Leg weakness is often a result of both the additional weight of the foetus and pressure of the uterus on the nerves in the back.

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The Role of an Occupational Physiotherapist

There are many misconceptions about the relationship between Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physiotherapy (PT).

It is commonly thought that the two are synonymous, however, there are significant differences between the professions.

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Common Football Injuries and How to Treat Them

As football combines speed, agility, power and strength, therefore requiring fast movements and changes in direction in addition to avoiding contact with other players in a fast-paced environment, and because of this, the risk of injury is fairly high.

Below, Achieve Physiotherapy are listing some of the most common football injuries and how they can be treated.

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What Does a Physiotherapist Do?

Physiotherapists will utilise their knowledge and skills to assess the needs of an individual patient and improve a broad range of physical problems associated with various systems of the body.

The systems that can be treated are neuromuscular (brains and nervous system), musculoskeletal (soft tissues, joints and bones), and cardiovascular and respiratory systems (heart and lungs and associated physiology).

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How Physiotherapy Can Help You During Pregnancy

Physiotherapy is known as an aid of treating clients suffering from instability, muscle weakness, pain, reduced mobility and stiffness as a result of an injury or chronic illness such as arthritis.

The female body will endure vast changes during pregnancy and have a significant impact on routine tasks.

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How to prepare your body for winter sports and avoid injuries

With Winter just around the corner, many will be seeking activities and winter sports to partake in.

However fun this may be, it is important to prepare your body for the cold season and, of course, the endless fun! As winter sports do receive a high rate of injuries, it is only smart to be correctly prepared.

Achieve Physiotherapy have listed a few training tips and, following that, for the avid skiers, a pre-skiing training programme.

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How to rid yourself of back pain

Achieve Physiotherapy employs a highly skilled team of professional physiotherapists who have experience in elite performance, professional football and other sports injury.

An area of physiotherapy that is constantly on the rise is treating a patient with back pain. But why is back pain on the rise and how can physiotherapy help? Read on to find out more…

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Achieve Physiotherapy Birmingham

Physiotherapy Birmingham

Achieve Physiotherapy is based in Edgbaston, just outside of Birmingham, and we want to help you conquer injuries, overcome pain and Achieve health and well-being.

With a background in professional sports and elite performance, Achieve Physiotherapy are making Premier League standards of treatment and rehabilitation available to everyone.

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